The Space Fortress Game

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Space Fortress was developed in the Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory as an experimental task for the study of complex skill and its acquisition. The development process was long and iterative. The first step was the development of a computer-controlled task with game-like qualities. This was followed by a series of modifications and additions that were incorporated into the game and evaluated. The goals were (1) to create a complex task that is representative of real-life tasks, (2) to incorporate dimensions of difficulty that are of interest based on existing research on skill and its acquisition, and (3) to keep the task interesting and challenging for the subjects during extended practice. Earlier versions of the game were used in previous experiments (Mane et al. 1983a; 1983b; 1984; Mane 1984). The version of the game that is described below was used by all the participants of the Learning Strategies project.

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Acta Psychologica, v. 71, issue 1-3, p. 17-22