Understanding Team Performance: A Multimethod Study

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Multiple measures of team process were compared and evaluated using fifty- two 2-person teams flying a simulated F-16 aircraft mission. Measures of team process were given by team members, on-site observers, and off-site observers. The frequencies of various types of team member communication during the task were also recorded. Results indicated that internal consistency varied widely across measures, but adequate internal consistency was gener- ally achieved. Multitrait-multimethod analyses showed evidence of conver- gent and discriminant validity for measures of giving suggestions and cooperation, but not for accepting suggestions, coordination, and team spirit. Descriptive information (communication frequency) was relatively independent of evaluative information (process ratings). Both descriptive and evalua- tive information were predictive of team outcomes and sensitive to team composition. Implications of the results for the measurement of team process and the understanding of team performance are discussed.

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Human Performance, v. 6, issue 4, p. 287-308