The Measurement of Team Process

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The construct validity of measures of team process was evaluated using predictive, known groups and multitrait-multimethod (MTMM) validation strategies. Military air crews (N = 51) flew two simulated missions. Independent judges provided evaluations of the same six team process variables in both scenarios. An MTMM analysis of judges' ratings treating judges as a method variable showed good convergent and discriminant validity. Judges' mean ratings of the six process variables were correlated with mission effectiveness. Some process measures discriminated between student and instructor teams, thus showing discrimination between known groups. Conversely, an MTMM analysis of ratings treating scenarios as a method showed poor convergent validity. We concluded that important team process behaviors have been identified and can be rated validly but that multiple observations are necessary to assess characteristics of individual teams with any accuracy. The discussion includes implications for practice and future research.

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Human Factors, v. 37, issue 3, p. 641-651