The Construct Validity of Task Inventory Ratings: A Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis

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This study investigated the construct validity of task inventory ratings from job incumbents and supervisors in 2 jobs on the 4 task dimensions of importance, criticality of error, difficulty to learn, and time spent. Job incumbents completed task ratings on either the typical relative scales or absolute scales developed for each dimension; supervisors completed relative ratings only. Relative ratings from incumbents and supervisors were each compared in multitrait-multimethod analyses with the absolute ratings. Ratings on all task dimensions demonstrated high convergent validity, and time spent and difficulty to learn ratings met criteria for discriminant validity in at least 1 job. Practical implications regarding redundancy among ratings on different task dimensions, the use of both incumbents and supervisors as job analysis respondents, and the use of absolute scales in task analysis are discussed.

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Human Performance, v. 13, issue 1, p. 1-22.