The Effects of Ambiguous Appearance-Related Feedback on Body Image, Mood States, and Intentions to Use Body Change Strategies in College Women: An Experimental study

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Body image, Appearance feedback, Mood, Cosmetic surgery, Body change strategies

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The current study evaluated the effects of receiving ambiguous appearance-based or nonappearance-based feedback on body image, mood states, and body change strategies. One hundred and forty-six women were randomly assigned to either an appearance condition, wherein they interacted with a confederate supposedly working for a cosmetic surgery center, or a nonappearance condition, in which the confederate purportedly worked for an academic enhancement center. Counter to expectations, there was no evidence of significant group differences on most of the variables that assessed mood states and body change strategies. However, intentions to engage in bulimic behavior were significant higher and dieting intentions marginally higher at posttest for the appearance condition, however anger levels were significantly higher for the nonappearance condition. Limitations of the study are discussed and future indications for research in this area are suggested.

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Body Image, v. 7, issue 4, p. 327-334