Media Exposure, Mood, and Body Image Dissatisfaction: An Experimental Test of Person vs. Product Priming

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Advertisement, Body image, Media, Mood, Physical appearance, Self-confidence

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In the current study, 138 college females were randomly assigned to four media exposure conditions based on the presence or absence of an attractive person (fashion model) and the presence or absence of an appearance-related product. Outcome measures consisted of visual analogue ratings of multiple body image and mood variables. The results revealed a significant main effect for person, indicating that the presence of a model increased levels of body dissatisfaction and negative mood. No product effect emerged and there was no significant interaction between person and product. These findings suggest that the appearance priming effect of media exposure on body dissatisfaction and mood is specific to a person stimulus, with no additional effect promoted by a generic appearance-relevant stimulus.

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Body Image: An International Journal of Research, v. 2, issue 1, p. 53-61