The Physical Appearance Ambiguous Feedback Scale (PAAFS): A Measure for Indexing Body Image Related Cognitive Bias

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Body image, Cognitive processing, Bias, Measurement

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Recent conceptualizations of body image disturbance have included an information processing model that includes a focus on an interpretive information processing bias. Study 1 involved the development and validation of a measure of appearance-based cognitive bias, the Physical Appearance Ambiguous Feedback Scale (PAAFS). In Studies 2 and 3, two samples of college females (n=313) were tested and the psychometric characteristics of the PAAFS were evaluated. Reliability was acceptable and convergence with measures of body image and eating disturbance was moderate. In Study 4, 313 college females completed the PAAFS in the laboratory based on an instructional content designed to induce processing bias. Preliminary evidence indicates that the PAAFS appears to be sensitive to instructional set manipulations and dispositional level of body dissatisfaction.

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The Physical Appearance Ambiguous Feedback Scale (PAAFS): A measure for indexing body image related cognitive bias. v. 1, issue 3, 299-304