Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology: Experimental and Clinical Applications

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The chapters of this book have been written by Professor Lindsley's colleagues and co-workers, and by former students and postdoctoral fellows. The section on Neural Control has six chapters which reflect a wide range of topics and a diversity of experimental techniques, including the escape behavior of the lowly crayfish; the identification of the effects of lesions on EEG activity; the investigation of unitary sensory responses recorded extracellularly; the effects of electrical stimulation within the brainstem and hypothalamus of the cat; and the relationship between psychological stress and cardiac vulnerability. The three chapters of Neural Substrates of Visual Discrimination have a number of interesting features. It is no surprise that the chapters of this section all deal with visual performance, visual evoked potentials, and both normal and abnormal vision. The chapters entitled Neural Substrates of Attention nicely reflect the diversity of the concept of attention as well as providing examples of different approaches to studying attention. The section entitled Latencies and Motor Performance is concerned with response latencies and motor behavior.

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G. Galbraith, M. L. Kietzman & E. Donchin (Eds.), Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology: Experimental and Clinical Applications, 416 p.