Prediction of Treatment Outcome from Relationship Variables in Child and Adolescent Therapy: A Meta-Analytic Review

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therapeutic relationship variables, treatment outcomes, child & adolescent therapy

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Results from 23 studies examining associations between therapeutic relationship variables and treatment outcomes in child and adolescent therapy were reviewed with meta-analytic procedures. Results indicated that the overall strength of the relationship-outcome associations was modest and quite similar to results obtained with adults. This modest association was moderated by 1 substantive factor, type of patient problem, and 5 methodological factors, timing and source of relationship measurement, type and source of outcome, and shared versus cross-source measurement of relationship and outcome variables. Type, mode, structure, and context of treatment did not moderate associations between relationship variables and outcomes. Findings indicated that the association between the therapeutic relationship and treatment outcome was consistent across developmental levels and across diverse types and contexts of child and adolescent therapy. Recommendations for future process research on the therapeutic relationship in child psychotherapy are offered.

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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, v. 71, issue 3, p. 452-464