Average Evoked Potentials: Methods, Results and Evaluations

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This document presents the proceedings of a conference sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the American Institute for Biological Sciences. The conference was held in San Francisco in September 1968 to discuss current problems in the study of average evoked potential. As can be seen from the list of participants, most laboratories, in this country and abroad, that actively use signal-averaging techniques in processing electroencephalographic records were represented at the conference. Our objective in organizing this conference was to provide a forum for discussing the problems involved in conducting these studies and in communicating the results of experiments. For this purpose, the conference was organized in the following format. Six investigators were invited to prepare critical reviews of the literature—each on one of six assigned topics. The reviews were made available to all the conference participants 4 to 6 weeks before the conference. Each review was to serve as the text for one 3-hour session at the conference. The reviewer was allotted 20 minutes to restate some of the main points presented in his paper; then discussion was opened to all participants. The discussions were moderated in each case by an assigned discussant. Chapters 2 through 7 present the review papers and the ensuing discussion. The remarks made by the reviewer were deleted since their substance is presented in the review. All the principal speakers completed their assignment on time, and the reviews were sent to the participants. However Dr. Vaughan's report, as included in this volume, is substantially different from the document that he circulated to the participants. For this reason, the discussants ignore much of the material presented in his present chapter. In addition to the working sessions of the conference, two evening sessions featured extended presentations. In the first one, Dr. Lindsley surveyed the evoked potential technique, its history, and achievements; in the second one, Dr. Frank Morrell discussed the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying the average evoked response. Dr. Lindsley's talk provided the material for Chapter 1. A supplement contains reports that were submitted by participants to expand and elaborate upon some of the comments they made in the discussion.

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E. Donchin & D. B. Lindsley (Eds.), Average Evoked Potentials: Methods, Results and Evaluations, US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 400 p.