T-MoP: A Tetrahedral Model of Performance

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Understanding the complexities of performance in the world of work is central for advancing science and practice. Pulling from Stagl et al.'s chapter and integrating it with the work of others and our own, we develop and propose a multi-level conceptual model depicting the influences of “distributedness” on system decision making and performance. The tetrahedral model of performance (T-MoP) illustrates how the three levels of capacity (individual, team, and organizational) are influenced by three types of distributedness (geospatial, temporal, and technological), interact with a cultural base, and subsequently lead to performance. The model can be viewed at http://www.jennyburke.com/../../../fig/T-MoP.mpeg

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T-MoP: A Tetrahedral Model of Performance, in F. Dansereau & F. Yammarino (Eds.), Research in Multi Level Issues, Volume 6, Elsevier, p. 65-82