Cognitions of Gay and Bisexual Men in Sexual Situations: Development of the Sex and AIDS Thought Scale (SATS)

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Development of Sex & AIDS Thought Scale, Relationship of Condom use & Perceived Partner HIV Serostatus during Insertive & Receptive Intercourse, Gay Men


Developed the SATS to examine the domain of thoughts experienced by gay men prior to and during sexual activity. Ss were 203 gay men. Principal components analysis revealed factors, each with high internal consistency, labeled safety consciousness, risk justification (RJ), sexual importance, and interpersonal consequences (ICs). Correlations between SATS subscales and past condom use were calculated separately for intercourse with partners who recently tested HIV negative (lower-risk partner) or did not (higher-risk partner). Correlational analyses showed that, for higher risk partners, RJ and ICs were correlated with condom use during insertive and receptive intercourse. Results suggest that the failure to account for perceived partner serostatus may attenuate the observed correlations between psychosocial variables and AIDS-relevant condom use.

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AIDS Education and Prevention, v. 7, issue 6, p. 513-522