Individual Differences Correlates of Accuracy in Evaluating Performance Effectiveness

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This paper presents an approach to studying ac curacy in person perception. Problems in assessing interpersonal accuracy are discussed, and then addressed in an empirical study of the perception of human performance. In the study, 16 scripts de scribing persons performing on two jobs—recruiting interviewer and manager—were prepared in such a way that the performers' effectiveness on various dimensions of performance approached a preset, realistic level. Five- to nine-minute performances of these scripts were videotaped, and "true scores" of effectiveness were developed by obtaining expert ratings of performance on each relevant job dimension. One hundred forty-six students then completed a series of inventories tapping various individual differences and rated the performers' effectiveness on each dimension. Differential accuracy (DA; Cronbach, 1955) scores were computed for each subject, and DA scores were correlated with inventory responses. Seventeen percent of the variance in DA was accounted for by the individual differences measured. A profile of the accurate perceiver of performance was developed, and these results were compared to findings from other studies of interpersonal accuracy.

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Applied Psychological Measurement, v. 3, issue 1, p. 103-115