An Empirical Construct Validity Approach to Studying Predictor-job Performance Links

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construction & validity of measure of job performance, US Navy recruiters

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Presents research to identify and confirm predictor constructs as valid indicators of Navy recruiter performance. Factor analyses of personality and vocational interest items that proved to be valid in a previous Navy recruiter test validation study (W. C. Borman et al, 1979) yielded several factors that were interpreted as underlying constructs suggesting individual differences potentially important for success on the recruiter job. New items, selected or written to assess these constructs, along with the items found to be valid in the previous recruiter study, were administered to 194 Navy recruiters. Peer and supervisory performance ratings were also gathered. Data analyses indicated good convergent and discriminant validities in measuring many of the constructs. For approximately half of the constructs, the addition of new items enhanced validity against the performance criteria. It is concluded that the paradigm presented has merit for gaining understanding of predictor–job performance linkages.

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Journal of Applied Psychology, v. 65, no. 6, p. 662-671