Examination of Race and Sex Effects on Performance Ratings

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rater source & rater & ratee race & sex & job type, bias in entry level job performance evaluation, Army enlisted personnel

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The effects of rater source, rater and ratee race, rater and ratee sex, and job type were investigated on ratings collected for 8,642 first-term Army enlisted personnel. Ratings were made on 10 behaviorally based dimensions developed for evaluating all first-term soldiers. Results of between-Ss analyses similar to those conducted in past research revealed significant main effects and interactions for sex, race, rater source, and job type, but the variance accounted for by these effects was minimal. Repeated measures analyses were also performed, with each ratee evaluated by one Black and one White rater for the race effects analyses and one female and one male rater for the sex effects analyses. These analyses, which unconfounded rater bias and actual performance differences, yielded results similar to those obtained with the between-Ss design. Implications of the findings are discussed.

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Journal of Applied Psychology, v. 74, issue 5, p. 770-780