More Progress Toward a Taxonomy of Managerial Performance Requirements

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The purpose of this study was to derive inductively a taxonomy of managerial performance requirements from many empirical studies of manager perfor- mance. Toward that end, 26 dimension sets were first gathered from published and unpublished studies of manager performance. Most of these studies in- volved critical incidents, and all of them were empirically based. lbenty-five industrial psychologists experienced in research on managers then indepen- dently sorted the 187 managerial performance dimensions into categories ac- cording to perceived similarity in content. These sortings were used to construct a pooled 187 times 187 correlation matrix, and the matrix was factor analyzed. The 18-factor solution is offered as an inductively derived, expert judgment-based summary of managerial performance requirements, using data from many manager jobs and numerous organizations. This taxonomy is compared to other dimension sets, and its potential usefulness discussed.

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Human Performance, v. 6, issue 1, p. 1-21