Personnel Selection

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performance, validity, industrial/organizational psychology

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This chapter reviews literature from approximately mid-1993 through early 1996 in the areas of performance and criteria, validity, statistical and equal opportunity issues, selection for work groups, person-organization fit, applicant reactions to selection procedures, and research on predictors, including ability, personality, assessment centers, interviews, and biodata. The review revolves around three themes: (a) attention toward criteria and models of performance, (b) interest in personality measures as predictors of job performance, and (c) work on the person-organization fit selection model. In our judgment, these themes merge when it is recognized that development of performance models that differentiate criterion constructs reveal highly interpretable relationships between the predictor domain (i.e. ability, personality, and job knowledge) and the criterion domain (i.e. technical proficiency, extra-technical proficiency constructs such as prosocial organizational behavior, and overall job performance). These and related developments are advancing the science of personnel selection and should enhance selection practices in the future.

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Annual Review of Psychology, v. 48, p. 299-337