Cross-Domain Analysis Results

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analyses to examine relationships between descriptors from content domains of Occupational Information Network across occupations & assessment of structure of cross-domain relationships

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The content model underlying the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) system specifies a number of content domains that can be used in describing jobs and occupations. The O*NET's comprehensive system of descriptors includes information about (a) worker requirements (e.g., skills, knowledges, and abilities); (b) experience requirements (e.g., training and licensure); and (c) job requirements (generalized work activities, work context, and organizational context). This abundance of information concerning job and worker characteristics provides an ideal opportunity to examine descriptor relationships across the various content domains. This chapter describes analyses aimed at examining relationships between descriptors from the various content domains, across occupations, and assessing the structure of these cross-domain relationships.

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Cross-Domain Analysis Results, in N. Peterson, M. Mumford, W. Borman, P. Jeanneret & E. Fleishman (Eds.), The Occupation Information Network (O*NET), American Psychological Association, p. 247-258