Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology

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developmental psychopathology, abnormal child psychology, effective therapies, abnormal behavior, child behavior, social work


This book uses developmental psychopathology as a framework for understanding and treating abnormal behavior in children. The text shows students how to help children and their families by designing effective therapies focused on strengths and healthy outcomes, and emphasizes prevention as a cornerstone of managing child behavior. Spanning the fields of psychology, education, social work, and psychiatry, this comprehensive book provides a full overview of the many areas in which abnormal child psychology is evident. Throughout, the text pays special attention to issues of diversity, inclusion, and understanding. The text also examines the relationships between children and their fathers, as well as with other primary figures within families (i.e., siblings, step-parents, care-taking grandparents, foster parents, and of course, mothers.)

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Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology, Wiley & Sons, 455 p.