The Connections between Individual Therapy in the Family and Adolescents’ Emotional Behavioral Problems

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Adolescents, Emotional/behavioral problems, Family, Parents, Therapy


Children’s and adolescents’ emotional and behavior problems are associated with parental psychopathology within families. The current study examined the relationship between psychological treatment for mothers, fathers, and adolescents and the connections to change in adolescents’ functioning in 219 families from the community. Treatments for mothers’ and fathers’ own psychological difficulties were expected to be associated with decreased emotional/behavioral problems in adolescents. In addition, it was expected that adolescents’ emotional/behavioral problems would decrease due to their own psychological treatment. Results showed that when adolescents or their fathers received treatment for their own emotional/behavioral difficulties, significant improvements in adolescents’ problems were found based on teachers’ reports. However, when mothers received treatment for their own difficulties, no significant improvements were found in adolescents’ functioning. Overall, these results suggest that mental health treatment for paternal psychological problems and for adolescents themselves may help the functioning of adolescents within the family.

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The Connections between Individual Therapy in the Family and Adolescents’ Emotional/ Behavioral Problems, in F. Columbus (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 67, Nova Science Publishers, p. 149-162