Fe-incorporated Ti O2 Nanotube Arrays: Electronic Structure and Magnetic Response

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Incorporating Fe atoms into the lattice is shown to significantly alter electronic and magnetic properties of TiO2 nanotubes synthesized by electrochemical anodization of Ti-Fe alloy sheets. The effects of Fe incorporation on the nanotube morphology, crystallinity, crystal structure, magnetic behavior and electronic structure were investigated with crystallographic and magnetic probes, including synchrotron-based spectroscopy. Results indicate that the iron cations predominately adopt the Fe3+ configuration, leading to a large increase of the electronic density of states at the Fermi energy. This increase is anticipated to provide enhanced catalytic action, for instance, in the degradation of water and of air pollutants. These results provide insight for tailoring the functionality of these nanostructures for energy-related applications.

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Physical Review B, v. 98, art. 195145