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miR-382, osteosarcoma growth, chemoresistance

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Dysregulation of miRNAs is involved in osteosarcoma (OS). Here, we demonstrate that miR-382 is decreased in specimens of OS patients with a poor chemoresponse compared to those with a good chemoresponse. In addition, our clinical data show that decreased miR-382 was associated with poor survival in OS patients. Overexpression of miR-382 inhibited cell growth and chemoresistance by targeting KLF12 and HIPK3, respectively. In contrast, inhibition of miR-382 or overexpression of target genes stimulated OS cell growth and chemoresistance both in vitro and in vivo. Taken together, these findings suggest that miR-382 is a tumor suppressor miRNA and induction of miR-382 is a potential strategy to inhibit OS progression.

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Oncotarget, v. 5, issue 19, p. 9472-9483