Oncologists' Use of Patient Educational Materials about Cancer and Fertility Preservation

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educational materials, fertility preservation, oncologists, cancer, communication


Background: This study sought to determine the prevalence of distribution of fertility preservation (FP) materials, source of the materials, and providers' perceived relevance of the materials among a sample of US oncologists.

Methods: A 53-item survey was administered via mail and the Web to a stratified sample of oncologists from the American Medical Association Masterfile. This study represents a subset of results, reporting on three survey items.

Results: Among the 511 oncologists (32% response rate), only 13.5% (n = 69) reported ‘always or often’ giving their patients educational materials about FP. Among those who reported ever distributing materials, 39.5% used American Cancer Society materials, 11.0% used Fertile Hope, 6.4% used Lance Armstrong Foundation, and 11.8% used ‘other’. Among those who provided materials, only 27.4% believe the FP materials they provide are ‘relevant to patient's specific cancer diagnosis’.

Conclusion: There is need to improve oncologists' distribution of FP educational materials to patients with cancer. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Psycho-Oncology, v. 21, issue 11, p. 1244-1249

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