Development of a Brochure for Increasing Awareness of Inherited Breast Cancer in Black Women

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Low levels of awareness about hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer and underutilization of genetic services combined with the high incidence of early onset breast cancer in the black community underscore the urgent need to provide information about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer to black women. The primary goal of the present study was to develop a culturally targeted brochure designed to increase awareness about inherited breast cancer among black women using the principles of Learner Verification. Three focus groups were conducted with black women, including those with or without a history of breast cancer (n = 46), to evaluate the brochure. Data were analyzed through hand coding using a simple classification system placing participants' responses in the predetermined Learner Verification categories. On the basis of the feedback obtained, the brochure has been modified to improve cultural-targeting, relevance, and clarity and has been made available for dissemination. Our study illustrates the importance of obtaining feedback from the target audience when developing a culturally targeted informational brochure for black women. Further, the complexity of our subject matter (i.e., inherited breast and ovarian cancer) underscores the importance of using inviting visuals and personal vignettes, while maintaining a simple and clear message.

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Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers, v. 15, issue 1-2, p. 59-67

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