Experimental Treatments for Leptomeningeal Metastases from Solid Malignancies

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Background: Leptomeningeal metastasis is a consequence of advanced solid malignancies and has limited treatment options. It is possible that it is becoming more common as the leptomeninges act as a sanctuary site for recurrence from systemic cancer. Methods: Potential targeted and immunotherapy agents for the most common types of solid-tumor leptomeningeal metastasis are reviewed, as are their dosing/delivery strategies and novel, immunological approaches. Results: Historically, patients with leptomeningeal metastasis have been excluded from clinical trials, and data on the management of leptomeningeal metastasis come from single case reports and retrospective analyses. Conclusion: For the first time ever, published reports suggest the tide may be turning in this challenging disease.

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Cancer Control, v. 24, issue 1, p. 42-46