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The Cruise Plans section contais documents related to the planning and logistics of the research expedition of Dr. John C. Ogden and his colleagues to Miskito Bank, Nicaragua aboard the R/V [Research Vessel] Alpha Helix from October 13, 1977 to November 18, 1977 where where their research included studies on seagrasses, fish, sea urchins, and the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). The researchers also interacted significantly with the Miskito people, a Central American indigenous group who have historically fished in the area of the Miskito Cays. These documents include lists of personnel, equipment, financial expenses, and a latitude/longitude position log describing where specific research activities were conducted. There are detailed procedures for conducting scientific sampling and measurements. There are also printed sketches of seagrasses, including star grass, also called Engelmann's seagrass (Halophila engelmannii), Caribbean seagrass, also called paddle grass (Halophila decipiens), and clover grass (Halophila baillonis).


Marine biology--Research, Scientific expeditions, Miskito Coast (Nicaragua and Honduras), Seagrasses, Sea urchins, Sea turtles, Fishes--Research


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Cayos Miskito (Nicaragua)

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Dr. John Ogden Caribbean and Coral Reef collection


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