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sustainable food, sustainable agriculture, small urban farming, community garden, gardening, food justice, service learning, community engagement


The University of South Florida Sustainable Food Conference: People, Policy, & Practice brought together food researchers from USF and the larger Tampa Bay community to share ideas and findings that will pave the path toward more sustainable and resilient communities. It featured research papers and presentations from all disciplines and methodologies addressing issues concerning food production, distribution, retail, and/or consumption.

RtM2015_Stanley Ecotourism ABSTRACT.pdf (9 kB)
RtM2015_Dorsey Hydroponic Tech ABSTRACT.docx (16 kB)
RtM2015_Schanbacker Fair Food ABSTRACT.docx (16 kB)
RtM2015_Weaver Urban Agriculture ABSTRACT.pdf (251 kB)
RtM2015_Arango Brought Culture.pptm (672 kB)
RtM2015_Withers Crafting.pptx (2267 kB)
RtM2015_Friedman Social Dyn.pptx (9409 kB)
RtM2015_Callahan Pedagogy ABSTRACT.pdf (40 kB)
RtM2015_Mizak Sustainable ABSTRACT.docx (13 kB)
RtM2015_Gula Community.pptx (2133 kB)
RtM2015_England Community ABSTRACT.docx (19 kB)
RtM2015_Estrada Florida ABSTRACT.docx (336 kB)
RtM2015_Small Urban Farming in the Tampa Bay Region.pdf (8306 kB)
RtM2015_Zafra ABSTRACT.docx (16 kB)
RtM2015_Simon Feeding.pptx (7424 kB)
RtM2015_La Trecchia ABSTRACT.docx (13 kB)
RtM2015_Mayer ABSTRACT.docx (19 kB)
RtM2015_Himmelgreen ABSTRACT.doc (28 kB)
RtM2015_Zarger ABSTRACT.docx (13 kB)
RtM2015_Wallace.pptx (7023 kB)
RtM2015_Wolkenhauer LearningGate ABSTRACT.pdf (115 kB)
RtM2015_Brown Speak.docx (111 kB)
RtM2015_Ramirez.pdf (9765 kB)
RtM2015_Patel Unspoken Truth ABSTRACT.pdf (224 kB)
RtM2015_DeDenato POSTER.pptx (660 kB)
RtM2015_Kaminski and Miller ABSTRACT.docx (14 kB)
RtM2015_Miller and Kaminski_Poster.pdf (1661 kB)
RtM2015_Spyker_ConfPoster.pptx (4606 kB)
RtM2015_Weaver_Food Presentation.pdf (1922 kB)
RtM2015_Weaver_ResearchDayPoster2.pdf (1134 kB)
RtM2015_Zafra_Local and Global Implications of Food Security.pptx (706 kB)
RtM2015_Zafra_FoodSecurityGlobalissueFinal.pdf (227 kB)
RtM2015_Mizak_Community Garden Presentation.pdf (2091 kB)
RtM2015_Mayer_CBPM for Policy.pptx (7409 kB)