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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library; Library faculty surveys


The authors of this survey worked collaboratively as part of a Research Methods course offered in the USF School of Library and Information Science (now, USF School of Information). They designed a survey to assess faculty priorities for library services in spring 1996, shortly before the opening of the new Nelson Poynter Memorial Library building. Through a survey of present faculty status and usage patterns, future service demands predicted by the faculty, and additional service dimensions, the authors of this document attempted to compile and assess faculty priorities for the new library on campus. Results were shared with the library staff during the spring of 1996 and all authors expressed their permission to share findings as part of the campus archives.


19 p. Includes a statement of problem, survey methodology, discussion and analysis of data, prospects for future research, survey results, comments, and a copy of the letter that was distributed with the survey.

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