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cerebrovascular disease, disparities, race, ethnicity


Background: Racial‐ethnic disparities in acute stroke care can contribute to inequality in stroke outcomes. We examined race‐ethnic disparities in acute stroke performance metrics in a voluntary stroke registry among Florida and Puerto Rico Get With the Guidelines‐Stroke hospitals.

Methods and Results: Seventy‐five sites in the Florida Puerto Rico Stroke Registry (66 Florida and 9 Puerto Rico) recorded 58 864 ischemic stroke cases (2010–2014). Logistic regression models examined racial‐ethnic differences in acute stroke performance measures and defect‐free care (intravenous tissue plasminogen activator treatment, in‐hospital antithrombotic therapy, deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, discharge antithrombotic therapy, appropriate anticoagulation therapy, statin use, smoking cessation counseling) and temporal trends. Among ischemic stroke cases, 63% were non‐Hispanic white (NHW), 18% were non‐Hispanic black (NHB), 14% were Hispanic living in Florida, and 6% were Hispanic living in Puerto Rico. NHW patients were the oldest, followed by Hispanics, and NHBs. Defect‐free care was greatest among NHBs (81%), followed by NHWs (79%) and Florida Hispanics (79%), then Puerto Rico Hispanics (57%) (P

Conclusions: Racial‐ethnic/geographic disparities were observed for acute stroke care performance metrics. Adoption of a quality improvement program improved stroke care from 2010 to 2014 in Puerto Rico and all Florida racial‐ethnic groups. However, stroke care quality delivered in Puerto Rico is lower than in Florida. Sustained support of evidence‐based acute stroke quality improvement programs is required to improve stroke care and minimize racial‐ethnic disparities, particularly in resource‐strained Puerto Rico.

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Journal of the American Heart Association, v. 6, issue 2, art. e004073

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