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cerebral ischemia, drug treatment, neurogenesis, stem cells, subventricular zone, brain repair

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Stroke induces not only cell death but also neurorepair. De novo neurogenesis has been found in the subventricular zone of the adult mammalian brain days after stroke. Most of these newly generated cells die shortly after the insult. Recent studies have shown that pharmacological manipulation can improve the survival of endogenous neuroprogenitor cells and neural regeneration in stroke rats. As these drugs target the endogenous reparative processes that occur days after stroke, they may provide a prolonged window for stroke therapy. Here, we discuss endogenous neurogenesis-enhancing drugs and review the general status of stroke therapeutics in evaluating the field of pharmacotherapy for stroke.

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Cell Transplantation, v. 26, issue 9, p. 1596-1600

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