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virus, Asteroidea, disease, densovirus, wasting

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Sea stars inhabiting the Northeast Pacific Coast have recently experienced an extensive outbreak of wasting disease, leading to their degradation and disappearance from many coastal areas. In this paper, we present evidence that the cause of the disease is transmissible from disease-affected animals to apparently healthy individuals, that the disease-causing agent is a virus-sized microorganism, and that the best candidate viral taxon, the sea star-associated densovirus (SSaDV), is in greater abundance in diseased than in healthy sea stars.


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Ian Hewson, Jason B. Button, Brent M. Gudenkauf, Benjamin Miner, Alisa L. Newton, Joseph K. Gaydos, Janna Wynne, Cathy L. Groves, Gordon Hendler, Michael Murray, Steven Fradkin, Mya Breitbart, Elizabeth Fahsbender, Kevin D. Lafferty, A. Marm Kilpatrick, C. Melissa Miner, Peter Raimondi, Lesanna Lahner, Carolyn S. Friedman, Stephen Daniels, Martin Haulena, Jeffrey Marliave, Colleen A. Burge, Morgan E. Eisenlord, and C. Drew Harvell

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, v. 111, no. 48, p. 17278-17283

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