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We present an extension of the Minimum Information about any (x) Sequence (MIxS) standard for reporting sequences of uncultivated virus genomes. Minimum Information about an Uncultivated Virus Genome (MIUViG) standards were developed within the Genomic Standards Consortium framework and include virus origin, genome quality, genome annotation, taxonomic classification, biogeographic distribution and in silico host prediction. Community-wide adoption of MIUViG standards, which complement the Minimum Information about a Single Amplified Genome (MISAG) and Metagenome-Assembled Genome (MIMAG) standards for uncultivated bacteria and archaea, will improve the reporting of uncultivated virus genomes in public databases. In turn, this should enable more robust comparative studies and a systematic exploration of the global virosphere.


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Simon Roux, Evelien M Adriaenssens, Bas E Dutilh, Eugene V Koonin, Andrew M Kropinski, Mart Krupovic, Jens H Kuhn, Rob Lavigne, J Rodney Brister, Arvind Varsani, Clara Amid, Ramy K Aziz, Seth R Bordenstein, Peer Bork, Mya Breitbart, Guy R Cochrane, Rebecca A Daly, Christelle Desnues, Melissa B Duhaime, Joanne B Emerson, François Enault, Jed A Fuhrman, Pascal Hingamp, Philip Hugenholtz, Bonnie L Hurwitz, Natalia N Ivanova, Jessica M Labonté, Kyung-Bum Lee, Rex R Malmstrom, Manuel Martinez-Garcia, Ilene Karsch Mizrachi, Hiroyuki Ogata, David Páez-Espino, Marie-Agnès Petit, Catherine Putonti, Thomas Rattei, Alejandro Reyes, Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Karyna Rosario, Lynn Schriml, Frederik Schulz, Grieg F Steward, Matthew B Sullivan, Shinichi Sunagawa, Curtis A Suttle, Ben Temperton, Susannah G Tringe, Rebecca Vega Thurber, Nicole S Webster, Katrine L Whiteson, Steven W Wilhelm, K Eric Wommack, Tanja Woyke, Kelly C Wrighton, Pelin Yilmaz, Takashi Yoshida, Mark J Young, Natalya Yutin, Lisa Zeigler Allen, Nikos C Kyrpides & Emiley A Eloe-Fadrosh

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Nature Biotechnology, v. 37, p. 29–37

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