The Opening of the Tasmanian Gateway Drove Global Cenozoic Paleoclimatic and Paleoceanographic Changes: Results of Leg 189

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Among the greatest successes of the Ocean Drilling Program were the concerted drilling efforts and exciting results recovered from the Southern Ocean (SO) surrounding Antarctica. Scientific drilling in the SO and on the Antarctic margin has recovered material from hundreds of sites for scientific analysis. The dynamic nature of ice sheet development and ice/margin interactions through time has been observed, as has the role that the SO plays in the development and persistence of Antarctic glaciation. The SO has been documented as a sensitive mixing pool of global water masses that is at times a locus of high biological sedimentation. Also, the SO has been found to contain high‐resolution records of climate forcing and response, and as such it may hold clues to future climate.

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JOIDES Journal, v. 26, issue 2, p. 11-17