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Documentation of Annual Growth Lines in Ocean Quahogs, Arctica Islandica Linne

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About 42.000 ocean quahogs,Arctica islandica Linne. were marked and released at a deep (53 m) oceanic site off Long Island, New York, in 1978. Shells of live specimens recovered 1 and 2 years later were radially sectioned, polished. and etched for preparation of acetate peels and examination by opticalmicroscopy ormicroprojection; selected specimens were similarly prepared for examination by scanning electron microscopy. Specific growth line and growth increment microstructures are described and photographed. An annual periodicity ofmicrost.ructure ia documented. providing a basisfor accurate age analyses ofthis commercially important species.

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Fishery Bulletin, v. 82, issue 1, p. 1-19