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fish sound production, ocean monitoring platform, passive acoustics, red tide

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Ocean observing stations have mainly focused on data collection of physical parameters measured in the ocean and atmosphere and also, to some extent, of biogeochemical parameters. Robust sensors capable of measuring biological data reflective of higher tropic level function at the same time scales as other parameters are not yet commonly incorporated into the sensor array used on observing platforms. In this project, we reengineered a coastal ocean observatory to include two hydrophones for this purpose. One hydrophone (HTI 96-MIN) was used to record ambient acoustic signals of fish reproductive sounds, and a second hydrophone (Vemco VR2C) was used to receive transmissions from acoustic tags implanted in fishes. This project demonstrates that it is possible at a regional ocean observing station to collect data on biological-physical processes at the same time scales over long periods and on a cost-effective basis. This will allow a better understanding of natural variability in ecosystem processes and potential impacts on these from anthropogenic sources and climate change. Technical details of the reengineering methods used to make the station operational and URLs of data tables and archives are provided.

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Marine Technology Society Journal, v. 52, issue 3, p. 64-70

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