River Discharge Variability Including Satellite-Observed Plume- Dispersal Patterns

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Discharge for both the Amazon (84 years) and Orinoco (23 years) showed small but significant positive linear trends. The Mississippi's record (171 years) did not show a trend. Neither the Orinoco nor the Amazon discharge tracked annual mean rainfall well. There was a strong correlation between mean annual rainfall in southern Texas and discharge of the Rio Grande, and between rainfall along the Mississippi and its discharge, showing that discharge trends can be inferred by pooling a large number of meteorological stations. Hydrographs suggest a general increase in interannual variability as a result of human impact. The CZCS satellite images show that plume dispersal depends primarily on the seasonal variation of the wind and current system. -from Author

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Climatic change in the intra-Americas sea, p. 162-192

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