Ship and Satellite Observations of Chlorophyll Stocks in Interacting Cyclone-Anticyclone Eddy Pairs in the Western Gulf of Mexico

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When anticyclonic eddies shed by the Loop Current of the Gulf of Mexico reach the western margin of the gulf, they influence the surface circulation over the continental slope and rise. Of particular interest is the generation of cyclone (cold-core)-anticyclone (warm-core) pairs when aging Loop Current eddies interact with the continental margin. The authors describe the physical and biological characteristics of these cyclone-anticyclone pairs. Surface pigment concentrations followed a seasonal cycle, with low concentrations (0.05-0.1 mg m-3) found within cyclones nd anticyclones from April through early November and higher concentrations (>0.1 mg m-3) found in the winter. Coastal zone colour scanner pigment concentrations were locally high in the flow confluence of cyclone-anticyclone pairs. Some cyclone-anticyclone geometries transport high-chlorophyll shelf water seaward at least 100-200 km off-shelf. -from Authors

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Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 99, issue C4, p. 7371-7384