On the Offshore Dispersal of the Amazon'S Plume in the North Atlantic: Comments on the Paper by A. Longhurst, "Seasonal Cooling and Blooming in Tropical Oceans"

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Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) satellite images show extensive plumes of discolored water extending from South America into the western tropical Atlantic. The most conspicuous plumes originate at the mouths of the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, and plumes originating at smaller rivers can also be seen from space. In a recent paper by Longhurst (1993), the plume associated with the Amazon River was attributed to phytoplankton blooms stimulated by nutrients supplied via eddy upwelling. We revisit the argument that this plume is of riverine origin, and offer evidence that material present near continental margins can be advected offshore and trace circulation patterns in the adjacent ocean.

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Deep-Sea Research Part I, v. 42, issue 11-12, p. 2127-2131, 2133-2137