Intrinsic Disorder Here, There, and Everywhere, and Nowhere to Escape from It

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Intrinsically disordered proteins, Protein-protein interactions, Transmembrane proteins, Fuzzy complexes, Drug target, Signaling, Plant proteins, Evolutionary dynamics, Viral proteins, Disorder prediction, Conditionally disordered protein

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The concept of protein intrinsic disorder persistently penetrates into all areas of modern protein science. It cannot be ignored anymore, and cannot be shrugged off, as it represents a vital feature (or, more correctly, a broad spectrum of important features), which, when added to and mixed with features arising from the well established protein structure-function paradigm, complete the picture of a functioning protein. The field of protein intrinsic disorder is very dynamic and fast developing. This Multi-Author Review represents a snapshot of this field by introducing some recent advances. Articles assembled in this Multi-Author Review introduce some of the new aspects of intrinsic disorder, outline some fascinating ideas related to the intrinsically disordered proteins, their structure, and functionality, and show challenges related to the analysis of proteins carrying intrinsic disorder.

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Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, v. 74, p. 3065-3067