Reliability and Validity of the Florida Sexual History Questionnaire

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The Florida Sexual History Questionnaire (FSHQ) is a brief 20-item questionnaire designed to assess male sexual dysfunction. The validity and reliability of the scale were examined in 33 diabetic impotent males and 58 nondiabetic, age-equivalent nonimpotent males. The FSHQ was found to have high internal consistency and split-half reliability and significantly discriminated between nonimpotent and impotent subjects. Among diabetic impotent subjects, some of the test items were correlated significantly with physiological measures of sexual functioning. However, the FSHQ failed to discriminate between diabetics diagnosed as having organic or psychogenic impotence. This latter finding is discussed within the context of recent suggestions that it may not be possible to draw a clear dichotomy between organic and psychogenic impotence.

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Journal of Clinical Psychology, v. 47, issue 4, p. 519-528