Mediators and Moderators of Social Problem Solving

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social problem solving, problem situations, mediators, moderators

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This chapter considers the complexity of the dynamic and multivariate process of social problem solving in psychological adjustment and well-being by examining important mediators and moderators of social problem solving. In other words, we seek to discover the biopsychosocial factors that transact to determine or influence social problem-solving capabilities, competencies, and performances. Moderators are variables that interact with problem situations to modify how problems are experienced and dealt with, and they provide some insight into why one individual is generally effective in solving social problems and another person generally is not. Mediators are intervening variables that "come between" the problem-solving situation and the social problem-solving process to explain how differences in social problem solving come about.

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Mediators and Moderators of Social Problem Solving, in E. C. Chang, T. J. D'Zurilla & L. J. Sanna (Eds.), Social Problem Solving: Theory, Research, and Training, American Psychological Association, p. 29-45