Patient Perceptions of Care Measures

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Patient's perceptions, Mental health services


This chapter includes measures of patient perceptions of care. Because much important work in the measurement of patient perceptions of care has taken place in general medical practice, one measure, the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ), that was originally developed in this setting is detailed here; all other measures included in this chapter apply specifically to services for patients with psychiatric disorders. Three are general measures intended for use in a wide range of settings, either general health or mental health, and four are designed for use either in specific types of mental health settings or with specific populations. The PSQ is a survey instrument designed to measure satisfaction with medical care in general, including psychiatric care, but not with specific services. The Client Satisfaction Questionnaire-8 (CSQ-8) is a unidimensional scale that assesses satisfaction with health or mental health services, covering a broad range of service settings and populations. The Charleston Psychiatric Outpatient Satisfaction Scale (CPOSS) is designed explicitly for use with adults in outpatient psychiatric settings. The Perceptions of Care (PoC) survey is designed for use with adults in inpatient psychiatric settings. The Multidimensional Adolescent Satisfaction Scale (MASS) is designed specifically for adolescents. The Parent Satisfaction Scale (PSS) is designed to measure parents' satisfaction with their children's mental health services. Finally, the Working Alliance Inventory (WAI) is designed to tap the patient's perspective of a specific aspect of care, the therapeutic or working alliance between patient and practitioner, a factor in treatment that applies generally across settings and populations. Revised from the previous edition, this chapter includes five new measures for discussion: the PoC, the CPOSS, the MASS, the PSS, and the WAI. The following measures included in the first edition have been omitted from this chapter: the SERVQUAL, the Service Satisfaction Scale-30, the Patient Judgment System, and the Youth Satisfaction Questionnaire. Additional detail about the addition of new measures and the omission of other measures is included later in this chapter, in the section Guide to Selection of Measures

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Patient Perceptions of Care Measures, in A. J. Rush, Jr., M. B. First & D. Blacker (Eds.), Handbook of Psychiatric Measures, American Psychiatric Publishing, p. 163-191