Criminal Justice-Substance Abuse Cross-Training: Working Together for Change

S.H. Schnoll


The modules are intended to strengthen the participants' knowledge base, skills, cross-disciplinary understanding, and collaboration. Some modules can be used as stand-alone components, while most are designed to be combined flexibly to develop training experiences for specific audiences. It is recommended that cross-disciplinary training be conducted by a team of two trainers. Topics of the modules include introductions, the nature and roles of the criminal justice and drug treatment systems, coordinating services and developing interagency agreements, the benefits of corrections-based drug treatment, and team-building across systems. Additional topics include profiles of drug-abusing offenders, management of drug-involved offenders, integration of criminal justice sanctions with drug treatment, elements of effective drug treatment for offenders, and confidentiality. Further topics include drug testing, the handling of infectious diseases, the handling of violence, theoretical explanations for criminal behavior, and collaboration for offenders who have mental illness and abuse drugs. Session outlines, instructor guidelines, exercises, handouts, forms, and appended overheads