Use of the MMPI-2 in Forensic Settings

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MMPI-2, forensic assessment, and forensic use

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The MMPI-2 is the psychological testing instrument most frequently used in forensic treatment and evaluation contexts. This practice mirrors use of its predecessor–the MMPI–in forensic settings and likely reflects the empirical derivation and rich research base of the instruments. Given its use and acceptance by psychologists, expert testimony based on the MMPI-2 has rarely been excluded from legal proceedings. MMPI-2-based testimony has been excluded, however, when the instrument was used in ways that are not supported by the empirical literature. Thus, the question is not whether it is appropriate to use the MMPI-2 in forensic settings, but rather, for what purposes may the MMPI-2 be used in forensic settings? In this article, appropriate and inappropriate forensic uses of the MMPI-2 are identified, recent developments are discussed, and areas worthy of further investigation are identified.

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Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, v. 2, issue 3, p. 71-91