Optimal Experience of Flow Enhanced by Telepresence: Evidence from Social Media Use

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Social media, Flow experience, Time distortion, Telepresence


Flow has been proposed as an essential component for understanding online behavior and defining the stimulating nature of online experiences. In this research, we examine the impact of flow specifically within the context of social media use. The findings indicate that telepresence positively affects the five dimensions of flow: enjoyment, concentration, challenge, control, and curiosity. These dimensions (except control) are positively related to overall flow, which enhances time distortion and frequency of social media use. In addition, we extend the nomological network on flow theory by developing a model to illustrate the complex relationship between flow, telepresence, time distortion, and frequency of social media use. This study highlights the idea that overall flow can uniquely affect social media users in a flow experience, and it presents interesting results about behavioral intentions during social media use. Theoretical and practical implications of these findings are discussed.

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Information & Management, v. 54, issue 1, p. 115-128

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