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Russia’s Cultural Revolution, beginning after the October Revolution in 1917, produced a broadly defined understanding of culture and cultural education at Russian schools that encompassed even basic hygiene and health. Drawing from postdoctoral research, this paper discusses the Cultural Revolution’s impact and its ideas on cultural education as presented in textbooks for 10-year general education schools in the Soviet Union. Discourse analysis revealed that the schoolbooks acted as an interface between a functional education system and changes in its surrounding environment, especially changes due to the Cultural Revolution. Amid today’s COVID-19 pandemic, the study’s findings raise several questions about what can be learned from the past, including to what extent topics of health and basic hygiene should be part of cultural education and to what extent textbooks and other learning materials should transmit that education.



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Storozenko, V. (2021). “Practice basic hygiene, and you’ll stay healthy”: How primary school reading textbooks transmitted cultural education in the Soviet Union. In W. B. James, C. Cobanoglu, & M. Cavusoglu (Eds.), Advances in global education and research (Vol. 4, pp. 1–17). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833042

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