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This paper analyzes the role of the structure of tourism has been improved and upgraded on the industrial development. The research, especially the relevant data analysis of Western Jilin, provides good data support for this research. Secondly, this article starts from the seven elements of the tourism industry structure, analyzes the accommodation, catering and transportation aspects, and proposes different measures according to the different situation of each city. Finally, from the perspective of the internal development of the tourism industry structure, this paper makes relevant suggestions on the tourism industry structure in Western Jilin. Improve the tourism service facilities, establish a smooth traffic network, explore the connotation of tourism resources, innovate the tourism economy, coordinate the construction of urban and rural integration and extend the tourism industry chain.



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Bo, X., Abukhalifeh, A. N., Wu, Y., Zhao, Q., Zhou, X., & Gao, B. (2022). Mechanism and empirical analysis of the optimization and upgrading of the tourism industry structure—Takes Western Jilin as an example. In L. Altinay, O. M. Karatepe, & M. Tuna (Eds.), Advances in managing tourism across continents (Vol. 2, pp. 1–11). USF M3 Publishing. https://www.doi.org/10.5038/9781955833080

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