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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS


G. Thomas Rea



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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January 1995


12th National cave management symposium proceedings, Spring Mill State Park: Mitchell, Indiana: October 25-28, 1995: Contents: Adding Cave Ecology to the College Curriculum: A Description of BIO398 at Missouri Western State College (abstract) / David Ashley -- An Ecologically-Based Approach to Karst and Cave Resource Management / James F. Baichtal - Douglas N. Swanson - Anne F. Archie -- Monitoring Human-Caused Changes with Visitor Impact Mapping / Hans Bodenhamer -- Systematic Winter Population Census of the Indiana Bat Within Indiana (abstract) / Virgil Brack Jr - Keith Dunlap - Scott Johnson - Karen Tyrell -- Reassessing Cave Significance / Debbie Buechler -- Monitoring the Cave Environment / Robert H. Buecher -- Footprints, Routes and Trails / Robert H. Buecher -- Ingredients for Successful, Safe and Effective Wild Caving Tours / Roxie Campbell -- Ozark Cavefish Public Outreach and Habitat Management Project / Brian D. Canaday - Christopher B. Vitello -- Status of Arizona's Unique Bat Management Program / Shawn V. Castner - Tim K. Snow - Debra C. Noel -- The Michigan Karst Conservancy: A Land Trust Approach to Cave Management / Rane L. Curl -- Inexpensive Temperature Monitoring in Caves / Keith Dunlap -- Protecting the Ancient History of Crumps Cave / Shelly Forbis - Valerie Haskins - David G. Foster -- Learning to Live with Caves and Karst / David G. Foster -- Cave Permits and Permitting Systems / James R. Goodbar -- How Cavers Learn Ethics / John Gookin -- Use of Volunteer Groups in Cave Management / John Gookin -- Search and Rescue Pre-Plans for Caves / John Gookin -- Cave "Eco-Tourism" Today / Jeanne Gurnee -- The Status of Cave Protection and Management Within the Nature Conservancy / Christine Hall -- Cave Management by a Non-Profit: A Case Study of the Nature Conservancy's Cave Management in West Virginia / Christine Hall -- Management of Lava Tube Caves of Puna District, Hawaii / William R. Halliday -- Cave Interpretation in Australia / Elery Hamilton-Smith -- The IUCN Guidelines Project / Elery Hamilton-Smith (abstract) -- Management of Endangered Bat Caves in Arkansas / Michael J. Harvey -- Protection andManagement of the Cave Cricket (Hadenoecus subterraneus) at Mammoth Cave National Park / Kurt Helf - Thomas Poulson - Kathleen Lavois -- Volunteers and Cave Management on the Daniel Boone National Forest / Jorge J. Hersel -- Impacts of Surface Perturbations in Karst Areas in the Southeastern United States: A Biologist's Perception (abstract) / Horton H. Hobbs III -- Sloans Valley Cave System: Managing an "Open System" / Hilary Lambert Hopper - Wayne Hansen -- Cave Inventories and Data Management Through Cooperative Projects in Kentucky and Missouri / R. Scott House -- Caves and the Law: Liability / George N. Huppert -- Zinc Leaching from Galvanized Steel in Mystery Cave, Minnesota / Roy A. Jameson - E. Calvin Alexander, Jr. -- Consideration of Caves and Karst in Selection of Corridors for Power Transmission Lines and Highways / Ernst H. Kastning -- INDOT Implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding to Reduce the Impacts of Highway Construction in Indiana Karst / James H. Keith - John L. Bassett - John A. Duwelius -- The Discovery of Aboriginal Mud Glyphs in Bath County, Virginia / Tammy Lane -- The Devastation and Recovery of Caves and Karst Affected by Industrialization / Julian J. Lewis -- Cave Bioinventory as a Management Tool / Julian J. Lewis -- Use of a Laser System to Survey Caves / Jeff Moll -- Practical Applications of Show Cave Development / Warren Netherton -- The Rescue of McConnell Springs Historic Site: A Partnership Between Local Government and the Citizens of Lexington, Kentucky / Gary A. O'Dell - James R. Rebmann -- Research Aimed at Management Problems Should Be Hypothesis-Driven / Thomas L. Poulson -- A Study of Acoustical Confusion / Roy D. Powers Jr. -- Cave Radio as Management Tool / Frank Reid -- Techniques and Volunteer Issues in the Restoration of Cathedral Cave / Jo Schaper -- Agua Caliente Cave: Protecting the Future / Tim Snow - Shawn Castner - Debra C. Noel -- Endangered Cave Invertebrate Conservation in Texas (Abstract) / Ruth A. Stanford -- The Internet and the World Wide Web as Tools for Cave Conservation and Management / Rob Stitt -- Cooperative Cave Paleontological Resource Management, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA / Rickard S. Toomey IIII - Robert H. Ward - Rick Olson - Mona L. Colburn -- When Do You Think they'll Get Here? / Eugene Vale -- Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy: Its Mission and Its Voice, the MCKC Digest / Dwight Weaver -- Proven Techniques for Repairing Formations / Jim Werker -- New Improved System for Photomonitoring / Jim Werker - Val Hildreth-Werker. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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