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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS


Dale L. Pate



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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January 1993


11th National cave management symposium proceedings, Carlsbad, New Mexico: October 27-30, 1993Contents: Cave Regulations Implementing the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act / Del Price -- Implementation of the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act / Brent Botts -- Setting Up a Long-Term Monitoring System at Timpanogos Cave National Monument / Rodney D. Horrocks - Ed Petra -- Air Monitoring During Construction of a Cave Gate / William R. Elliott -- The American Cave and Karst Center / Thomas J. Aley - David G. Foster -- Formation Repair / Jim C. Werker -- The Restoration of a Vandalized Show Cave: Cave Without a Name, Texas / George Veni -- Lint in Caves / Pat Jablonsky - Sandy Kraemer - Bill Yett -- A Strategy for Leadership in Cave Conservation / Wayne Marshall -- Use of Volunteers / Harry Burgess -- A Case Study of Relations Between the National Park Service and Organized Exploration Cavers (Abstract Only) / Jim Nepsted - Bill Yett -- Assistance Agreements: a Partnership / Jim Goodbar -- Resource-Responsible Professional Caver Education Programs on Public Lands / Douglas C. Pflugh -- Project Caving on Public Lands (Abstract Only) / Mel Park -- Flooding of Sinking Creek, Garret's Spring Karst Drainage Basin, Jessamine and Woodford Counties, Kentucky / James C. Currens - Douglas R. Graham -- Devil's Icebox Water Quality Study / Scott Schulte -- Best Management Practices Combining Cave Protection and Aquifer Recharge Enhancement / Ronald G. Fisseler -- Ground-Water Dye-Trace Data Base for Kentucky / James C. Currens -- Management of Caves at Mount St. helen's National Volcanic Monument / Jim Nieland -- Activities of the Texas Cave Management Association / Mike Wharton -- Cave Management Issues in a Northern Florida State Park / Catherine M. Florko -- The Creation and Implementation of Restrictive Cave Management Policies / Joel Despain -- Cave Management in Residential Subdivisions in Hawaii / William R. Halliday -- Management of China Caves (Abstract Only) / Ronal Kerbo -- Evolution of Karst Management on the Ketchikan Area of the Tongass National Forest / James F. Baichtal -- Managing the Busiest Cave in Washington / Jim Nieland -- The Dark Canyon Environmental Impact Statement: The Process And the Product (Abstract Only) / Joe Incardine -- The Importance of Keeping Records (Abstract Only) / Jerry Trout -- Cave Survey Standards for Carlsbad Caverns National Park / Dale L. Pate -- The Current State of Computer Applications for Cave Survey and Inventory (Abstract Only) / Mel Park -- Cave Management is Control of Access / Russell Gurnee -- Conservation Considerations in Cave Rescue: A Case Study / Jay Jorden -- What Price Research? / Joel M. Sneed -- It's Not All Fun or Other Values to Consider During Cave Management and Use / James E. Chase -- Management Implications of Historic Writings and Rock Art in Caves / Barbara Bilbo - Mile Bilbo -- Search and Rescue Preplans for Caves / John Gookin -- Helping Cave Managers Evaluate Caving Skills and Cave Hazards / Dave McClurg -- The Prevalence and Significance of Dehydration in Sport Cavers / Lyle R. Moss -- Endangered Species, Groundwater Protection, and the Role of Inventories in Assessing Regional Significance / Andy Grubbs -- Conservation of Invertebrates and Microorganisms in the Cave Environment / Diana Northrup - W. Calvin Welbourn -- The Effects of Urine Deposition on Microbes in Cave Soils, Or: To Pee Or Not To Pee / Kathleen H. Lavoie -- Low Disturbance Tecniques of Bat Monitoring / Debbie Buecher -- Automated Monitoring of Bat Activities / Bob Buecher -- Bat Management: A Memorandum of Understanding Between Bat Conservation International and the Burea of Land Management (Abstract Only) / Mary Gilbert -- Evolution and Management of Bats in Abandoned Mines in the Southwest / J. Scott Altenbach - Homer Milford -- Informed Decision-making for Bat-Gating Abandoned Mines / Linda K. Dansby -- Extreme Low-Frequency Radio Emissions of Bats in Lair Cave / Walton C. Koemel -- Recent Accomplishments in Bat Management and Conservation in Arizona (Abstract Only) / Debra C. Noel -- Special Guest Speaker on Bats / Merlin Tuttle. Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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