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National Cave & Karst Management Symposia; NCKMS



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National Cave and Karst Management Symposia

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October 1980


National cave management symposium proceedings, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, 1980Contents: Welcoming remarks / Robert Deskins -- Theirs not to reason why / G. Jay Gogue -- An overview of cave management / Robert R. Stitt -- Current problems in cave management / Roger W. Brucker -- Sinks, stinks and springs: a summary of the hydrogeology of the Mammoth Cave region - with emphasis on results and applications of national park service-sponsored research / James F. Quinlan -- Hydrologic impacts of urbanization in the soluble rock lands of Green County, Missouri / Tom Aley -- Karst management in urban areas: sinkhole flooding in Bowling Green, Kentucky / Nicholas Crawford -- Aquatic ecosystems and management problems in the Mammoth Cave area / Julian J. Lewis -- A conceptual characterization of the subsurface movement of toxic chemicals in soluble rock lands / Tom Aley and Danny Halterman -- Application of Kentucky water quality regulations to karst waters / Robert W. Ware -- Environmental regulations, assistance and a status report on the Mammoth Cave environmental impact statement / Ronald J. Mikulak -- Interpretive training for show cave personnel / Tom Aley and Cathy Aley -- Guide training at Mammoth Cave national park / Lewis D. Cutliff -- Interpretation at Mammoth Cave / Joe Wagoner -- Panel discussion: management problems of private caves -- The size and location of saltpetre mining sites in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia / Merilyn Osterlund -- Management of prehistoric cultural resources at Mammoth Cave National Park / Kenneth C. Carstens -- Cultural resource management at Russel Cave national monument / David T. Clark -- The recognition, evaluation, and management of cave bone deposits / Ronald C. Wilson -- The endangered species act and the regulations developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect endangered species / Robert R. Currie -- The status of the Indiana bat (myotis sodalis) / John T. Brady -- The survival of the endangered gray bat (myotis grisescens), a continuing drama / Alan Rabinowitz -- The future of cave management in relation to bat conservation / Alan Rabinowitz -- The endangered Kentucky blind cave shrimp / Edward A. Lisowski -- The Hart's tongue fern - an endangered plant in cave entrances / A. Murray Evans -- The ecology of Hawaiian lava tubes / Francis G. Howarth -- The Missouri cooperative cave inventory project: a biological resource survey / James E. Gardner and Treva L. Gardner -- Protection for diamond craters, southeastern Oregon / Ellen Benedict, George Brown, Ester Gruber, and Chad Bacon -- The role of the Kentucky nature preserves commission in cave management / Wayne C. Houtcooper -- Cave management and environmental asessment activities of the Tennessee Valley Authority's regional heritage project / Patricia A. Fink -- A management approach to Perkins Cave, Virginia / Roy D. Powers, Jr. -- The evolution of the Virginia Cave Commission / John Wilson, Robert W. Custard, Evelyn W. Bradshaw, Philip C. Lucas, and John R. Holsinger -- HIgh adventure underground - an adventure caving program at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Missouri / Scott W. Schulte -- Management of caves and other karst features within the Tennessee State natural areas system / Allen R. Coggins -- The pettibone karst - birthplace of the National Speleological Society / A. Plante -- Management techniques for wilderness caves / James R. Goodbar -- Is the underground wilderness concept practical? / J. B. "Buzz" Hummel -- Underground Wilderness / Robert R. Stitt -- Radiation hazards in caves / Robert T. Beckman -- Cave restoration and cave management / Katherine Rohde -- The national cave rescue commission / Lee Noon -- Cave management plans / J. B. "Buzz" Hummel -- The state of the art in management planning - a case for caver involvement / Geoffrey B. Middaugh -- Cave laws of the United States / Evelyn Bradshaw . Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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